The station is co-located with IMS station I59US in the ahupua’a (Hawaiian traditional land division) of Kahalu’u on the Kona (leeward) coast of the Big Island of Hawaii (Figure 1). The site is located at an elevation of 3000’ in the Kahalu’u forest reserve.


Figure 1: KHLU is co-located with I59US H1.

KHLU consists of a Reftek 130-01, 6 channel digitizer and four Chaparral 2.2 microbarometers. KHLU is designed to capture high infrasound frequencies. The microbarometers are arranged in a ~0.025 km triangle array with a central element (Figure 2).  Data is transmitted in near real-time to ISLA via radio telemetry.


Figure 2: KHLU array configuration plotted in WinPMCC 4.15.