The KULA array is located in KULA, Maui (Figure 1). It consists of a 130 Reftek, 6 channel digitizer, four Chaparral 25 microbarometers, and on Chaparral 50a microbarometer (Figures 2 & 3).


Figure 1: The location of the KULA station plotted in GoogleEarth.



Figure 2: Chaparral 25 sensor deployed in a weather proof pelican case.


Figure 3: Left , a gravel wind filter with a fake rock covering the sensor on the right.

The microbarometers are arranged in a ~0.07 km triangle with one Chaparral 25 and the Chaparral 50a positioned within the triangle (Figure 4).


Figure 4:  Kula array displayed in win PMCC 4.15.