Kilauea Infrasound: MENE Array

DISCLAIMER: The data products displayed in this section are in active development and have not been sufficiently tested for reliable use in operational eruption monitoring.

MENE is located in the city of Volcano. MENE is ~6.75 km from Halema`uma`u and ~13 km from Pu’u’O’o (Figure 1).

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Figure 1: MENE array in relation to Halema`uma`u and Pu’u’O’o.

MENE consists of a Reftek 130-01, 6 channel digitizer, four Chaparral 2.2 microbarometers, and one Chaparral 50a microbarometer. The microbarometers are positioned in ~0.07km triangle with one Chaparral 2.2 and the Chaparral 50a  positioned in the center of the triangle (Figure 2).


Figure 2: MENE array configuration plotted in WinPMCC 4.15.

MENE data is delivered near real-time to ISLA via the internet.

The following historical plots are generated every hour for the MENE array. Please click on the image to see the full-size version of the graph.

Figure 3: Top) Waveform for the past 24 hours. Middle) Spectrogram for the last 24 hours from station MENE, located ~13 km northwest of Pu`u `O`o crater and ~7 km from Halema`uma`u. Bottom) PMCC detections from station MENE for the last 24 hours. The arrival azimuth of each coherent detection family is on the y-axis, the number of detections in the family scales the marker size, and the color denotes the weighted mean frequency of the family. Pu`u `O`o lies at ~112° from the array while the Halema`uma`u Gas Vent (HGV) is at ~250°.  Additionally, below is 24 hours of data compressed into ~1 minute so that the infrasound is mapped into audio range.

Figure 4: Power spectral density for the last hour from station MENE.

Waveforms for MENE Figure 5: Raw waveforms for the last hour from the station MENE.