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Halemaˋumaˋu Rockfall May 3, 2015

Volcano Infrasound Event – VIE150503

Prepared by: ISLA
Source: Rock fall into Halemaˋumaˋu lava lake
Location: 19.404365° N, 155.280515° W
Origin Time: Reported time ~23:21 05/03/2015 UTC
IS Arrays: AIND, AHUD, and MENE
REDVOX: iPhone6 with iTestMic, unit 1000000007.
Data Quality: Good at MENE, some wind noise at AHUD and AIND.

Part of the crater rim wall just below the Halemaˋumaˋu overlook failed and fell into the lava lake around 1:21 PM HT of 3 May 2015. The failure triggered a brief explosive event which was recorded on the HVO/UH infrasound network, as well as an iPhone6 with the REDVOX Infrasound Recorder. The explosion was also captured by several HVO webcams. Continue reading Halemaˋumaˋu Rockfall May 3, 2015