Sound Art

Infrasound signals can also provide unique source material for sound artists.

Martin Aaserud has recently composed a work which incorporates infrasound from the recent Sumatra earthquake and Tsunami, and summarizes the composition as follows:

” As a sound artist my practice focus on making the inaudible audible. I believe that translating infrasound, electromagnetism, RFID codes, movement, and sounds that are usually too quiet to be heard into music/art, makes it easier for us to recognize the hidden structures involved. I find this a good way to tell stories or make us feel the technology.

ItrTtistc (Impossible To Reverse/Time That Is Still To Come) is a story of a natural disaster where I have tried to create a timeline of the physical and emotional events. I have used infrasound kindly donated by ISLA in and as modulation in FM and AM synthesis, and the so called ‘missing fundamental’ phenomena to make the structure of infrasound audible.

This mp3 is under a CC creative commons licence”

The composition can be best appreciated on a stereo system capable of reproducing low bass frequencies.

 From the sensor to the concert hall