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Halemaˋumaˋu Rockfall May 3, 2015

Volcano Infrasound Event – VIE150503

Prepared by: ISLA
Source: Rock fall into Halemaˋumaˋu lava lake
Location: 19.404365° N, 155.280515° W
Origin Time: Reported time ~23:21 05/03/2015 UTC
IS Arrays: AIND, AHUD, and MENE
REDVOX: iPhone6 with iTestMic, unit 1000000007.
Data Quality: Good at MENE, some wind noise at AHUD and AIND.

Part of the crater rim wall just below the Halemaˋumaˋu overlook failed and fell into the lava lake around 1:21 PM HT of 3 May 2015. The failure triggered a brief explosive event which was recorded on the HVO/UH infrasound network, as well as an iPhone6 with the REDVOX Infrasound Recorder. The explosion was also captured by several HVO webcams. Continue reading Halemaˋumaˋu Rockfall May 3, 2015

Halma’uma’u Rockfall July 23, 2014

Volcanic Infrasonic Event – VIE140723

Prepared by:  ISLA
Source: Rockfall event at Halema’uma’u Crater
Location: 19°24’15.34″N 155°16’49.47″W
Origin Time: Reported around 10:00 HST 07/23/2014
IS Array: MENE, UH Infrasound network (data available through IRIS)
Data Quality: DQ is less than optimal due to sensor noise issue

A rockfall and “ash event” was reported by the National Park at Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park on 23 July 2014. The event was captured on the summit webcam (figure 1), as well as from the Jagger Museum overlook (figure 2). Continue reading Halma’uma’u Rockfall July 23, 2014

Sangeang Api Eruption

Volcanic Infrasonic Event – VIE140530

Prepared by:  ISLA
Distribution Date: 06/13/2014
Source: Volcanic Eruption (Plinian)*
Location: Sangeang Api (8.2°S 119.07°E ) Indonesia
Origin Time: 140530 ~ 07:56-8:30 UTC [1,2]
Description: Telesonic signal below 0.1 Hz
IS Array: I39PW (Palau), EOS (Singapore), I04AU, I06AU, I07AU
Data Quality: Good in Palau and Australian sites, not so good in Diego Garcia

Summary: DRAFT report Continue reading Sangeang Api Eruption