Atmosphere sounds

Thunder Storm Infrasound Example

Footage from the CFHT cloudcam on Mauna Kea for the night of Dec 29-30, 2013

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Results from the automated processing of the MENE array located in Volcano, HI for the same night.

The signal from 12/30 07:00:00 UTC – 21:00:00 UTC was sped up by a factor of 200 into the audio range.

Bolide Infrasound Example
A bolide is a meteor, asteroid or comet that collides explosively with Earth. Large bolides routinely explode in the atmosphere, sometimes producing infrasound that can be recorded on opposite ends of the planet. With the exception of known meteor showers, bolide explosions are difficult to predict and, because of their high speeds (10-70 km/s), can be challenging to locate.

 The Chelyabinsk Bolide Infrasound

On February 15, 2013 at around 03:20 UTC a near-Earth asteroid impacted the Earth’s atmosphere near Chelyabinsk Russia. More information can be found on the isoundhunter blog. and in Brown et al. 2013 published in Nature.